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all along the road

so barbies b-day was fun. i took her to a french restaurant for lunch. we walked around PB. went to cosmos for open mic night. i really like that place it was fun, it makes me remember when i use to go to the zodiac before they relocated. then we played pool. i thought the night was fun! she had an awesome time.

nothing new is really going on... just work. i finally got my classes for school. i'm only taking two. i took a whole year off so i'm pretty rusty. i'm glad i'm taking history with caitlin. i'm excited for school tho! i'm sure my feelings will change when it starts.

i'm feeling really sad. i havent heard from joe (who is in afghan) in a week. i guess its just hard going from 2 to 3 days of talking to him, to not talking to him at all. but i'm sure other people have it worst then i. i just hope he is safe. so to my friends that pray, please have him in your prayers. and to my other friends please have him in your thoughts.

my old friend brian c and i are back in touch. i'm happy about that. i really want to see him and jessica. i miss them. its been way to long.

umm okay thats good enough. out.

p.s. caitlin thanks for being there for me. i love you. <3
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