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my life's a movie

i just got home from running. it felt nice. i love the way i feel after working out. nothing to much new. lately barbie and i have been going to the beach. thats where i think the most. i saw a shooting star too! i worked at the pacific beach pizza hut on tuesday. they want me to work there more often, i dont see why. its so slow and i bearly did anything. but they said i did a good job. so thats nice. finally i'm off today!. i'm going to hangout with my HBs as soon as they wake up!!!! we need to go shopping for school and i need to get my bro and sister in law a gift for their b-days. then tonight were picking up the sarah and doing a poker night thingy which will be swell.

finally school is going to start. i'm happy about that. hopefully...

i received 2 letters and 2 cameras from across the world. well from joe. which was awesome and made my day/week/month. i love closet romantics. i cant describe the feelings i had when i read the letters. Caitlin is truly the bestest friend in the world. she developed the cameras for me while i went to work. if your not friends with her i recommend you become one because she will make your life a much, much better place. (i love you caitlin!)

i cant wait until september! were going to disneyland!!!!! my favorite place! we are going to have so much fun! i have to go as much as possible before my pass expires.

well hopefully i will be getting a new car soon. maybe not new. it depends on how much a 4 dollar raise increases my check. if its much then i will get a new Tc if its not much then a used 4runner!!! i kinda just think i'm going to get the 4runner because i have always wanted it and plus i like bigger vehicles.
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