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so school turned out to be ok. i like having barbie and caitlin in one of my classes it makes it so much fun. my other class doesnt seem to intresting but i know it will be easy. i need to get my books but then there is a money problem. i had to fix my car today so that took a dent. i need new tires fast. and i have to pay my cell bill. hopefully i can go without one of the books for a while but i'll see...

my day off yesterday was cool i guess. i got some cleaning done. talked to a sick friend. and cruised around with barbie. it seems like every night we find ourselves some where we have never been. but its fun. we were going to walk up to mt.helix but there was a car and people making scary noises so we just kinda chilled near a driveway up there. its funny we were talking about if we took anyone else they would be bored as hell but we love just chillin and listening to nature sing. looking out in the distance made me feel like flying. and everytime a car would pass by barbie would think it was a shooting star. haha so i called them shooting cars. and we made a wish... i love my sister.
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