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hmm whats new?

just work...i'm not into school...honestly if i dont get my promotion by the end of november i am getting a new job!...its sucks when your ex is trying to come back into your life...and making his sis do the my new boy that i have been dating for a little bit, we are getting close...and i'm loving it!

p.s. oh i saw in her shoes with barbie and it is a great movie. it was awesome to see it with my sister!!! it makes me realize how much she means to me and how much of a best friend she is. She can always make me smile, and i like it when people respect that i love spending time with her and how she can make my day so much better...its weird i have always been with her, her whole life and i'm still never and never will be tired of her.

p.s.s. i sooo wish i was there for the "vagina monologues" hehehehe
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