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so today in history mr.bell was making fun of barbie and i. he said, in a metro voice "you two live together, what possibly can you always be talking about? dont you found it strange that their not fighting all the time?" we were like "NO!" b'cause if you had a relationship like the one we have you would always have something to talk about because we are so close in age and we always think the same. anywho... i miss mike. hes in big bear right now and i'm jealous b'cause the sky over there is awesomely beautiful with starts and clear skys. maybe one day i will go up there, but we'll see how everything goes.

i'm trying to work as much as i can right now, because next payday i will be buying a car...i'm so excited!!!!! and i finally opened a bank account which i feel really happy about too!!!!!

its so bad... i havent been eating lately.. every morning i wake up get dressed and then have an energy drink, which makes me not hungry all day and not able to sleep till 5 in the am. crazy stuff.
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we are all gonna be crazy rich bitches. ha RHB! lol im crazy

but as are you

eat food foolio.

and dude of course you'd never run out of things to talk about. you guys are little jabber jaws
now the "bank of danielle" wont be based out of the armrest compartment of your car!